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Company Name: The Wilkinson Dental Manufacturing Company (CA), currently The Wilkinson Company (ID)

Company Location: Previously at 1662 Ninth St., and 1547 Fourth St., PO Box 303, Santa Monica, CA. Currently at 590 S Clearwater Loop, Post Falls, Idaho.

Company Information: The information available from an LCS owner is that these ingots were produced in the late 1970's to early 1980's, as during that period he often purchased the “W Eagle” variety direct and sold them out of his store in Southern California.

The Wilkinson Company has a long and rich history in the precious metals industry, and is still in operation today. Formed in 1919, it is said to be currently under 4th generation family ownership.

From the Journal of the American Dental Association, Volume IX, 1922, under the “List of Exhibitors”, Los Angeles Session, page 441:

From the Medi-Cal 1956 yearbook, University of California at San Francisco:

From Popular Mechanics, August 1967 issue:

From 1996 Articles of Merger, under same ownership, moving to Idaho:

Current company description from

Known sizes: 5 and 10 oz round, 5 and 10 oz rectangular mold


Obverse Reverse Additional Description
5 oz round “W Eagle” puck variety
5.157 oz Serial #0015. New discovery example with matching serial font, “SILVER” stamp, “TR. OZ.”, and weight designation numerical font, that confirms the “W Eagle” puck variety is Wilkinson
10 oz rectangular mold
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