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Welcome to the website. The goal of this site is to list every known vintage refiner from A-Z and compile any information possible about these companies. On mobile, click on the sidebar link at the top to see the alphabetical table of contents from A to Z.

Have a silver bar you have questions about? Either or I would be happy to provide any information we know about it if we can.

If you are looking for Engelhard information, please see All Engelhard. Their knowledge is massive. They also have a 'Other Refiners' page that has a good selection of other refiners such as Johnson Matthey, etc.

Recent updates…

February 2024. Another year gone by. On an unrelated topic to this website, my brilliant daughter has shipped her first app on the Apple Store as just a freshman in college. I'm trying to let Google web crawlers find it so here's a link to Gaps with Stats:

January 2023. Wow, it has been a long time since any updates. I hope any visitors are still enjoying this site. Here is one tidbit I ran across recently about M&B mining being bought out back in January 1970. See the M&B mining link below for more information.

Extensive research into W. H. Foster Inc.

Some scans of rare bars from vintage auction catalogs

ASI - Arizona Silver, Inc.

CRC - Commonwealth Refining Company

Janary 2020 Update…

Some speculation posted by idratherbstacking (William Silver on Facebook) about Omega bars and M & B mining and whether M&B mining really was the company that made the bars:


Some information about Montana Gold and Silver Company from oldpouralchemy.

And some updated information about ASARCO also from oldpouralchemy.


Pictures added to American Credit, B. R. Mackay, Constitution, Golden Analytical, Hoffman & Hoffman, Nevada Coin Mart, Phoenix Precious Metals, Star Metals and WSR.

Big update to the Homestake page.


Comprehensive Wilkinson Company information from oldpouralchemy.

Updates to Capital Metals, EPM, International Coin, New Hope, Quatre, REM and SSA pages.

Pic of the month:

Family photo of 5 extruded bars. These are all east coast refiners (near Philadelphia or Baltimore) and share the same extruded shape implying a single source for the bars.

Advertisement of the month:

February 1974 magazine ad for Nevada Coin Mart

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