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Company Name: Montana Gold and Silver, Inc

Company Location: Registered in Helena, MT

Company Information: Montana Gold and Silver, Inc was formed on May 19, 1959 in Helena, with a purpose listed as “MINING - General”. William L. Romine of 320 EAST SIXTH AVENUE, HELENA, Montana, 59601 is listed as the agent. Romine appears to have practiced law until 1994, when he was disbarred for attorney theft from client. Romine was the guardian for a client who died without a will, and appears to have stolen around $10k from the estate.

Montana Gold and Silver filed their last annual return on April 26, 1978, becoming inactive after that date. [OPA]

2018 fantasy ad by H.N., a passionate collector (used by permission):

Ingots from this company can be divided into two general types: “Shallow” pour, with an early crude look, and the more “chunky” rectangular pours. Both types have been observed in all the weight classes listed below, except for 2oz and 3oz, which so far as the author knows, have only appeared as the crude, early type. The shallow pours often have a “pillow-top” appearance in the smaller sizes, and are typically more difficult to find. [OPA]

Known sizes of bars: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 25


Obverse Reverse Additional Description
1oz with weight and fineness designations above eagle
1oz variation with weight and fineness designations below eagle
1oz pillow top pour
2 oz pillow top example
3oz example
5oz “pillow top” variety
10oz chunky
10oz shallow/flat pour
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