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If you read the All Engelhard Foster page, there is a fair amount of speculation about who exactly made the poured bars. This information below sheds some light on the issue but doesn't have a definitive answer who made them.

There were various coin companies that operated in Walla Walla, Washington from the late 1950s through the 1980s. A incomplete list includes:

The people that were involved:

  • Willam H Foster - More of a mystery that the rest of the people, W. H. Foster is mentioned a few times in newspaper articles but there is very little record of him. Bob Naimy and Herc Picerne are mentioned as owners of W. H. Foster Inc. so maybe William Foster was more of a passive investor.
  • Robert (Bob) A. Naimy - He stated he owned the “same corporate structure since 1958” and I believe owned Walla Walla Coin Co, at least part owner of W. H. Foster Inc and Hercaimy Coin/Enterprises and then owner of Prestige Coins and Prestige Premiums after Hercaimy went bankrupt in 1970.
  • Hercules (Herc) Picerne - He was perhaps part owner of W. H. Foster Inc. as well as Hercaimy Coin/Enterprises.
  • Vernon Bosley - He was the owner of Northwest Historical Medals or Northwest Medals which resided in the same building as W. H. Foster Inc.

Timeline of advertisements of poured Foster bars:

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